Wednesday, May 22, 2013


Hey guys! I wanted to show you my great mid-month find. This is from a local nail polish brand called "Sassy Colors" and they certainly have the coolest color range. I got this blue one. Actually, labeled "Sapphire" and the reason I bought this one is because of its vibrant color and very affordable price for only PHP 23.70 (0.58 USD). I tell you, that was a great deal! Imagine the price and not to mention the great quality. 

So, here is a closer look at the bottle.

First, I applied two coats of the polish and then added a last coat to achieve this vibrant shade.

No flash. Natural daylight.

There you go. Anyone can rock this amazing color from Sassy Colors.

**available at your local department stores in the Philippines. I am not sure if their company is exporting it to other countries.

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