Monday, July 22, 2013

Achieve Success in Life with LIFE HYPNOSIS iPhone App

Achieve Success with Life Hypnosis

Hey guys!!! I am back and I've been thinking of posting something new and interesting so that my readers will not get bored. Anyways, I am fond of downloading and trying on different iPhone and Andriod applications these past few months and I found this perfect app for me.

The Life Hypnosis application helps in achieving success in losing weight, reducing stress, sleeping better, and having a healthy lifestyle. It uses hypnotic suggestions which you will have to listen with your headphones when going to sleep, and that's if you want to have a peaceful sleep. Also, If you want to relax for a moment from your very stressful work, this app is perfect for you. To those people who like to lose weight, this app will be your new fitness buddy. 

I am not trying to lose weight but I wanna have a good night's sleep every night and experience a wonderful deep relaxation that is why I decided to download this application.

 For my first few weeks of engaging myself with its relaxation features, I can already feel the difference. I am much more calm and no more mood swings due to stress and other factors. During night time, I'm also using this app to help me fall into a deep sleep and YES!!!! It works perfectly all the time. 

For the navigation and controls of this app, it is okay. The overall interface is simple yet elegant and clear instructions are available.  Audio quality of each recorded hypnotic suggestions are okay as well. I highly recommend this to all of you guys.

Overall, I have to rate this app 8.5 out of 10. Fantastic and good job to the developers of this application.

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