Saturday, August 2, 2014

The Queen's Essentials: Review on Scar Remover Set

Hi guys!
I've been struggling with hyper pigmentation of my scars due to nasty mosquito bites. My skin is super sensitive to mosquito bites that it will super irritate my skin even if I am not scratching the area, yet it will still turn dark brown and leave awful scars/spots. If anyone of you is also experiencing the same dilemma as mine, then I think I found you a cheap and effective way of lightening those stubborn spots. 

I was searching on Instagram on different scar removers and I came across this shop called The Queen's Essentials @queensessentials. I found what I was looking for and honestly at first I was super hesitant to try their scar remover set because I was afraid that it might irritate my skin. Why? Because a year ago, I tried a scar remover oil and it irritated my skin to the highest level that I think I developed eczema. That was a total nightmare for me that is why I was little bit unsure of buying and trying another one after that incident. But then, I took the risk and ordered 1 scar remover set at 350 Php plus free shipping. 

The package includes:

1 Green Peeling Oil
1 Hydrocortisone Lotion
1 Cell Renewal Cream
1 Rejuvenating Soap
with freebies of: 1 small pack of Acne Lemon Soap and a cute lipstick

The Application Process:

After taking a bath, apply the Green Peeling Oil on the affected area and be sure that you will not apply it on broken or wounded skin to avoid irritation. The instructions that comes with the package says that you have to apply it 3x a day with 15 mins interval each application for 3 straight days. So, I did what has to be done. After the third day, I waited for it to peel. Usually, it will take 5-7 days before it peels or you might experience peeling earlier than that. Take note that during the application process (applying of oil and peeling) that you are not allowed to lather soap on that area as the skin is still in its ultra sensitive state. So, when taking a bath, just rinse the area with water. So, after the dead skin has peeled off completely you may use the rejuvenating soap and cell renewal cream. If you think the area still needs more improvement, you can still start the application again after 3 weeks. By the way, the hydrocortisone lotion is for soothing itchiness as during application of the Green Peeling Oil and during peeling process, the skin tends to be itchy (which is normal, don't worry). Just DON'T scratch or apply anything except for the hydrocortisone lotion.

The picture below was during the peeling process.

Then, as you can see below after my 2nd session of application the area became lighter. My scars/dark spots are not that visible anymore. Now, I am still using this awesome product for other scared areas. 

This is the first scar remover product I've tried that did a great job. I am really impressed and satisfied with this scar remover set. 

Great Product + Affordable Price = One Happy and Satisfied Customer

If you have tried this product or you are willing to, please leave a comment below on your thoughts on this scar remover set.

Thank you.

**Disclaimer: I gave my honest opinion on this product and I am not in any way sponsored for this review. Thanks! 

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