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Eden's Paradise Skin Care Products Review

Hello everyone!

It's been quite a while since my last post. Anyways, recently I got some great stuff from Eden's Paradise Dumaguete and I wanted to share with you guys my reviews on each of their skin care best sellers. Eden's Paradise is an online shop selling all organic skin care essentials such as soap, creams, oils, lip stains, powders, blushers, etc. They have a lot of resellers nationwide and even worldwide. I got mine from a reseller in Dumaguete City. The shipping was fast and I received the items carefully and securely bubble wrapped and there were no spills or dents whatsoever. The quality of the packaging left a very good first impression.

Eden's Paradise Skin Care Products

Now let's proceed to the review shall we?

Eden's Paradise Skin Care Products
L-R: Sweet Melon Cream, Cleansing Oil, and Tomato Pore Detox Soap

Tomato Pore Detox Soap

Let's start off with the Tomato Pore Detox Soap. This soap smells amazing!!! I am not exagerrating or anything but it has this super duper great citrusy smell. I cut the soap into three to make it last for more days or even weeks.

I love how my skin feels during and after using this soap. It lathers on smoothly and my skin feels squeaky clean with drying out. What I love most about the Tomato Pore Detox Soap is not only it is organic but it is also best for sensitive skin like mine (once tried using another brand of organic soap but then it irritated my skin especially the areas around my lips and eyes).

Eden's Paradise Tomato Pore Detox Soap Review
Tomato Pore Detox Soap claims to shrink pores, lighten mild scars, and makes skin pinkish glowing. 

Eden's Paradise Tomato Pore Detox Soap Review
Ingredients: Tomato Extracts, Witch Hazel Extracts, Rosehips Oil, Poppy Seeds

Tomato Pore Detox Soap Ingredients:

Tomato Extract - treats open pores, wrinkles, acne problems and prevents signs of ageing, treat other skin diseases and makes your skin more glowing source

Witch Hazel - use as astringent; also tighten pores and remove excess oils source

Rosehip Oil - rejuvinates skin, reduces skin pigmentation and moisturizes skin source

Poppy Seeds - treatment for eczema and skin inflammation, moisturizes and make skin clear source 

Eden's Paradise Tomato Pore Detox Soap Review
Expiration date is indicated in every bar of soap.

Sweet Melon Cream

The next product that I am impressed with is their Sweet Melon Cream. It is a foundation, sunblock, and moisturizer in one. Indicated on the product label itself, it certainly has a sweet melon scent that you might just wanna eat lol. It kinda reminds me of  melon flavored ice cream or icing. They have different shades to choose from (fair to darker skin tone) so I am sure that they have the perfect shade for you too. 

Eden's Paradise Sweet Melon Cream Review
It comes in a 30 ml plastic pump bottle. I got the shade for medium and light skin.

Eden's Paradise Sweet Melon Cream Review
Ingredients: Shea Butter, Natural Oils, Titanium Dioxide, Zinc Oxide, Mineral Micas, and Melon Essence 
Sweet Melon Cream Ingredients:

Shea Butter - has healing properties and antioxidants such as vitamins A and E; acts as natural sunscreen and has anti ageing benefits source

Natural Oils - moisturizer

Titanium Dioxide - used for sunscreens source

Zinc Oxide - treats rashes and other skin irritations source

Mineral Micas - used as pigments/coloring; has glitter or shimmering properties to make the skin appear glowing source

Below, you can see the big difference. I applied only a thin layer of the cream and spread it on the right side of my hand for comparison. Notice that on the area with cream, my skin looks more glowing and the veins are not that prominent compared to the left side. 

Tips and Tricks: Apply and spread the cream immediately to prevent it from drying and getting cakey. If that happens, I found out an effective solution for it. Just make your hands a little bit damp by dipping you fingers in water, rub your palms together, and then gently patting your face to even out the cream. Another trick that might work is that if you have a water spritzer or spray, just spray a little water 10 inches away from your face and gently pat and even out the cream. If you want to apply a second layer for more coverage, you may do so. Remember to blend, blend, and blend for that natural, flawless, and  glowing skin.
Eden's Paradise Sweet Melon Cream Application Review
Left Side: without applying Sweet Melon Cream vs Right Side: with a layer of Sweet Melon Cream

Natural Cleansing Oil

Another product that exceeded my expectations was their Natural Cleansing Oil. I've tried other cleansing oils before but this one impressed me the most. My skin type is uh- let's just say, a bit complicated I guess. Sometimes it gets too dry and other times it gets too oily that is why I am very picky when it comes to finding the right skin care products. To be honest, I am a bit skeptical to try this but then I did eventually and I never regret it. 

Eden's Paradise Natural Cleansing Oil Review

Eden's Paradise Natural Cleansing Oil Review
Directions on how to use is indicated at the back of the bottle.
Eden's Paradise Natural Cleansing Oil Review

Using the 3 Products

So basically, I start my day by using the Cleansing Oil. I used 2-3 pumps and gently spread it all over my dry face then emulsify the oil by applying water and kind of massaging my face. The water acts as emulsifying agent that helps get rid of those impurities on the skin especially when wearing makeup. Then, I rinse it off and proceed by using the Tomato Detox Soap. This method is what is usually called "double cleansing" or "thorough cleansing". I lather the soap all over my face concentrating on the areas where pores tend to get clogged up like the areas around the nose, chin, and lips and rinse it afterwards. When drying my face, I do it in a patting motion so as not to irritate the skin. Lastly, I apply the Sweet Melon Cream for a natural look. Also, I do thorough cleansing just before bedtime.

Eden's Paradise Products Review
Here is a picture of my face after using all the 3 products (Cleansing Oil, Tomato Pore Detox Soap, and Sweet Melon Cream)

Products Used:

Face: Eden's Paradise Cleansing Oil, Tomato Pore Detox Soap and Sweet Melon Cream
Brows: Etude House Drawing Eyw Brow in No. 03
Lips: MAC Lipstick in Twig (Satin Finish)
Lashes: Skin Food My Shortcake Setting Mascara

Where to Purchase Eden's Paradise Products?
Eden's Paradise Dumaguete
Click Here for their Facebook Page
Instagram - @edensparadise_dgte

Now, that is all for my collective review of some of  Eden's Paradise skin care products. My overall verdict is that I love all the 3 products especially the Tomato Pore Detox Soap.

Let me know in the comments if you guys have tried any Eden's Paradise product or if not, please let me know on other organic skin care products that you been using and loving.



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