Friday, August 21, 2015

Makeup Newbie? Worry No More! Here's a List of 5 Budget Friendly Tips for Makeup Starters

Are you planning on creating and growing your own makeup collection but you are not sure on which makeup products you need that will suit your budget? 

Don't fret and let me share my tips with you on building your own makeup collection without making your wallets cry.

1. Prep for a Perfect Canvass

     First, you have to invest on a good foundation. Your face is your canvass. Try to find a great foundation that matches your skintone. There are drugstore brands that offers good coverage and quality. Do some research, read articles, or watch videos on YouTube for reviews and recommendations from beauty bloggers/vloggers. 
     When you have already picked out which ones to test, visit your nearest makeup store and test the product yourself to make sure the foundation matches your skintone and suits your skin type. I am not saying that you have to buy high end ones. You have to consider ts quality (coverage, shade, etc). Some high end foundations might not work for you and some will. You may later decide whether you will opt for the higher end or drugstore brands.
     So, do not limit your choices and take your time in finding that perfect match!

2. "Less is More"

When buying lipsticks and eyeshadows, stick to the basics first. For eyeshadows, you may start with some neutrals. You may want to consider those neutral eyeshadow quads for example. Mostly it comes with matte finished taupes and browns that you can also use as brow powder.
     For lipsticks, you may have to pick maybe at least 2 lipsticks to start off. One bold color (red, deep mauve, or burgundy) and one in a slightly nude shade. With these, you can blend it together and create a gorgeous pop of pinkish shade. You may even do the gradient effect lips which by the way is my fave lip color style. 
     Basically, what I am trying to suggest is to make one product a multifunctional one. With that, you can save money for other makeup products you wish to purchase. 

3. Choose your Tools Wisely

     As a budding makeup artist/enthusiast, you must choose the right tools to help create a beautiful artwork. Thus, choosing the right makeup brushes to own is very important. It helps in the overall quality of makeup application. Having 2-3 kinds of brushes is fine. We are talking about the must-have brushes. First, you can have one blending brush or shadow brush, an angled brush and blush brush or powder brush. You are not required to purchase those high end brushes. Just try to start first with cheaper alternatives. Again, this is about quality, multifunctionality and versatility. 

4. Be Clean and Clutter-Free!

    You don't want a messy makeup station, do you? So, my advice is to start organizing your growing makeup stash even if you still have a few makeup products at start. Eventually, it will grow and mind you, it will be too hard to sort things out as it will take too much time. So, as early as now, organize your beauty corner! You can just create DIY makeup boxes or you can buy those clear plastic or acrylic organizers at your local shops as an alternative to those expensive makeup cases and cabinets.
    Also, you have to be hygeinic as possible by maintaing the cleanliness of your makeup products. To do this, you can sanitize your lipsticks, eyeshadows, blush, etc. regularly. Wash your brushes at least 3x a month or do it once a week. Dispose those makeup products that have already expired. Below is a chart for makeup expiration guide from

5. Experiment and Be Creative

     Finally, don't be afraid to experiment with different techniques and makeup styles. Your immagination and creativity is limitless!

There you go guys! I hope you find this article helpful. Please do let me know in the comments below if you have any questions or suggestions. 

Until then, 

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